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Faculty of Law, Business, and Economics

Chair of Criminal Law III - Prof. Dr. N. Nestler

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General information on the start of studies in law in 2020/2021 can be found here!

Information on the courses offered by the Chair of Criminal Law III in the current semester can be found on Campus online. Students of the University of Bayreuth can access lecture materials for the individual courses via the eLearning server.

The courses in WiSe 2020/2021 are held digitally:

  • Basic Course Criminal Law I (General Part): Wednesday, 17-19 Uhr und Thursday, 12-14 Uhr. Notes>>. E-Learning>>.
  • Bausteine des Rechts: Wednesday, 10-12 Uhr. Notes>>. E-Learning>>.
  • Advanced seminar in the focus area VI: “Organizational Duties in Companies”, dates will be announced to the participants separately.
  • Criminal procedure law (Prof. Dr. Gillmeister)
  • Enviromental criminal (Dr. Liebau)
  • Propaedeutic exercises for the Basic Course Criminal Law I (AT). Notes>>. E-Learning>>.
  • Tutorials for the Basic Course Criminal Law I (AT). Notes>>. E-Learning>>.
  • Commercial criminal law (General Partl): Thursday, 10-12 Uhr. Notes>>. E-Learning>>.

All details will be announced here, on e-Learning as well as on social media in time.

For any current and urgent questions, please contact str3@uni-bayreuth.de.

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