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Faculty of Law, Business, and Economics

Chair of Criminal Law III - Prof. Dr. N. Nestler

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Banking and capital market criminal law

Banking and capital market criminal law is one of the chair’s central research core themes. The legal areas are so dynamic, complex, and interdisciplinary that the research desiderata can hardly be listed in their entirety.

For example, the role of BaFin and its influence on criminal law institutions is critically monitored in the same way as completely unresolved phenomena such as "naming and shaming".

At the same time, classical fields such a §§ 263, 264a, 265b and 266 StGB are taken into account, and especially here the commentary and accompaniment of the jurisdiction plays an important role. The influences of Union law on national (criminal) law is also of particular importance. The strong interconnection of law and economics within the faculty allows the legal analysis to be based on the latest economic findings in the area of banking.

The Textbook on Bank and Capital Market Criminal Law is also dedicated to this topic.  

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