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Faculty of Law, Business, and Economics

Chair of Criminal Law III - Prof. Dr. N. Nestler

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Research profile

The chair works at the interface between economic criminal law and European criminal law and international criminal law, respectively. Hence, the focus is on the one hand on those fields of economic criminal law that undergo a strong and/or increasing influence of union law, and on the other hand on issues that result from the transfrontier character of legal cases with an economic criminal law background.

Research core themes are (a.o.):

Current research projects (selection)

1. Currently, we are mainly concerned with

  • Responsibility for the abuse of safety-relevant research (dual use research of concern)
  • National and international foreign trade and customs policy
  • Repercussions of prohibitions of disposal of frozen funds in the banking sector
  • Interrelations of dual-use-risk and criminal law (funded by the German Foundation for Peace Research)
  • Economic criminality and compliance in family businesses

2. Commentary and book projects

  • Commentary on foreign trade criminal law (AWG, AWV, KrWaffG, CWÜAG) in: Esser/Rübenstahl/Saliger/Tsambikakis (editor), commentary on tax and economic criminal law.
  • Textbook on banking and capital market criminal law.
  • Commentary on §§ 226 to 243 StPO in: Rotsch/Saliger/Tsambikakis, Nomos-commentary on criminal procedural order (in publication).
  • Dual-use-risk and criminal law (in preparation).
  • §§ 180a to 181c StGB as well as §§ 183 to184h StGB, in: Laufhütte, Heinrich Wilhelm/Rissing van Saan, Ruth/Tiedemann, Klaus (editor), Leipzig commentary, 13th edition (in preparation).

Completed projects

cf. list of publications.

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